Top Cloud-Native Certifications and Learning Resources

Peter Jausovec
9 min readJul 26, 2022

This post provides a quick overview of the most popular cloud-native certifications. There are different reasons why one decides to get certified. I’ve heard from people that use certification as a forcing function to learn about different technologies — check out the interview I did with Vijay Nadkarni on how he prepared for one of the certifications.

Others use it to either advance their careers, command a higher salary or even switch careers. Regardless of your motivation, it’s essential to understand the investment (both financial and time) required to get a certification.

In addition to the financial costs, it’s crucial to consider your experience and knowledge. Don’t blindly jump into any of these exams and expect to pass them on the first try, especially if it’s an expert exam and you’ve only started learning about the technology. There’s a purpose to different categories of certification — if you’re a beginner, start with the certification that matches your experience and knowledge. However, even if you don’t succeed on the first try, most offers include a free exam retake.

If you’ve decided to get certified, make sure you take the time and study the curriculum of the exam you want to tackle. Create your learning plan or follow an existing one if provided. Most certifications are…